Fastfood and Takeaway Shop Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't have a name for my business. Can I still get insurance coverage?
    A business name is a mandatory field only for Limited companies or those in Partnership. If you are the sole owner of the company, you can insert your personal name on your application form.
  • I have a commercial vehicle for my Fastfood / Takeaway Shop. Can that be covered under this insurance policy?
    Some insurers may be able to add motor insurance cover onto your policy (others may provide cover on a separate motor policy).
  • How many staff can I employ under a Fastfood / Takeaway Shop insurance policy?
    There are no limitations to staff numbers, but as part of your application we will ask you how much you pay in staff wages per year.
  • I drive a private car to do deliveries and pick up items for the Fastfood / Takeaway Shop. Is the stock in transit covered under this policy?
    Stock in Transit is standard under Fastfood / Takeaway Shop coverage as long as the vehicle is owned or leased by you as the business owner.
  • Is there a limit to Fastfood / Takeaway Shop insurance coverage?
  • I have a function room at my establishment for private and special events. Are there restrictions on what type of functions I can hold there?
    This will depend on what the function room is used for. It is likely it is able to be covered, but when you apply for coverage, our customer service representative will inquire about its uses to determine if we can insure it.
  • Does Fastfood / Takeaway Shop Insurance provide cover for fruit machines or pool table coverage?
    Both of these items can be covered under business contents, but make sure that the sum insured reflects the costs of these items.
  • We offer some items to be cooked tableside for our guests. Does Fastfood / Takeaway Shop insurance cover this?
    Standard Fastfood / Takeaway Shop coverage includes this as part of public and product liability coverage.
  • Will Fastfood or Takeaway coverage provide for damage to car parks and external furniture?
    Car parks are covered provided that you have opted for buildings coverage. Outdoor furniture is covered up to specified limits on any one claim.
  • I own more than one Fastfood / Takeaway Shop. Can multiple locations be covered by one policy?
  • We lost power and suffered loss of refrigerated items. Are we covered for the loss of these items from the lack of electrical power that was outside of my control?
    We provide coverage for up to a specified limit for loss of refrigerated items.
  • I made an insurance claim at the last establishment I owned; do I need to inform you of this when applying for a new policy with you?
    Yes, it is important to declare all previous insurance claims from the last three years at the time of application.
  • Can I renew my policy online?
    Unfortunately, all policy renewals must be done over the phone. We will notify you at least 21 days in advance of your policy renewal date so that you can review your policy and make changes as needed.
  • If I receive a quote for insurance coverage, how long is it good for? How far in advance can I request a quote?
    Your insurance coverage quote is valid for 30 days from the day you receive it; you can only request a quote within 30 days in advance.
  • If I renew my policy, do I receive any new documents?
  • What are the coverage exclusions?
    Your policy documents will include any related exclusions, terms, and conditions. For particular questions regarding your policy and any exclusions, please contact your insurer.
  • What is the standard excess and out of pocket cost to me?
    The excess or out of pocket cost to you for your policy is found within your policy. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.
  • What form of payment do you accept?
    We accept only payments via monthly debit order, or annual payment by bank transfer. We do not accept cheques or cash.